With the AAF’s Future in flux, where does that leave San Antonio?


Article by: Jonathan Guajardo - Editor, The San Antonio Sentinel

With their unwavering support of The Alliance of American Football’s (AAF) Commanders, San Antonio has more than proved that they are a football city. With fans that continue to pack the Alamodome game after game, the city has proved that San Antonio has no shortage of football fanatics necessary to sustain a professional football team. While other teams in the league average around 13,524 fans per game, the average home attendance for San Antonio Commanders games is 27,720 with their last game drawing a season low of 23,504 fans. Even on their worst day, the Commanders still average higher than any other team in the league.

All of these outstanding attendance numbers, however, may not be enough to salvage a league that currently finds itself in turmoil and unsure whether they will be able to finish out the regular season much less make their way to the championship game, currently scheduled to take place in four weeks. CBS Sports reported today that, after speaking with a source close to the AAF, league operations would be suspended for a day and possibly forever. Tom Dundon, the league’s majority owner, made the call to suspend operations earlier today after a deal couldn’t be reached between the NFLPA and the AAF over the AAF’s usage of NFL practice squad players.

If the AAF is to resolve this issue before games start being cancelled, it would be beneficial for both San Antonio and the Alamodome in terms of revenue and national media attention. Alamodome officials have yet to announce that this Saturday’s upcoming game between the Commanders and the Memphis Express would be cancelled. The game is currently scheduled for an 11 AM kickoff, and set to be broadcast nationally on CBS. With the newest addition of former Texas A&M Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel, to the Memphis squad, this would undoubtably be one of the highly viewed games at the Dome and would likely draw a greater viewer response on national television due to the Commander’s decision to sign Manziel’s rights away to Memphis two weeks ago.

Whatever becomes of the league, San Antonio can hold its head high knowing that we, as a city and a fanbase, have done everything we can to support our fledgling AAF team. Fans have come spirited to every game and shown their support on every occasion, even bolstering their team through two disappointing home losses. This situation, however, may be out of our control and we may find ourselves supporting the ghost of a league that was doomed from the start due to an issue that should have been resolved long before any teams took the field.