Jonathan Guajardo


Jonathan Guajardo,  Editor-In-Chief of the San Antonio Sentinel

Jonathan Guajardo, Editor-In-Chief of the San Antonio Sentinel

The idea to start The Sentinel came to me when searching for a source for San Antonio news and local coverage. As I discovered, there weren’t many options available that didn’t have a visible bias. We are an organization that seeks to present our audience with another standpoint not often heard in the discussion when it comes to local politics and event coverage. I believe that where there is an over-abundance of any one point of view in news coverage, there will be a silent majority who feels that their voices are not heard and that their opinions do not matter. I want to give these people a voice and give this city another side of the story that is often overlooked.
— Jonathan Guajardo


Jonathan Guajardo is a native San Antonian who loves his city and strives to help his community. He attended Central Catholic High School where he graduated in 2009 with honors. He then chose to stay in the city for college, accepting a scholarship to The University of the Incarnate Word, where he studied Communication Arts as part of the innovative Convergent Media Program. While at UIW, he served three terms as Student Body President, two terms on the Board of Trustees, and three terms on the UIW Alumni Board. While in college, he worked on many initiatives that had an impact on the city, such as the “Converging Texan Cultures” and “Young Historians, Living Histories” exhibits at the Institute of Texan Cultures, an iBook called “The Boy Made of Lightning” which covered the life of voting rights pioneer Willie Velasquez and was narrated by Congressman Joaquin Castro, as well as the Bexar County Bibliotech Project during its initial planning stage.

Upon graduating with his M.A. from UIW in 2014, he started his own company, GA Media Productions, which specializes in professional video, audio, live, and photographic productions in and around the San Antonio/Austin area. His company hosts an annual Mayoral Debate each election cycle with AARP-Texas and provides video work for a variety of businesses around the city, including Launch SA, a one-stop-shop for local entrepreneurs looking to take their enterprises to the next level. He also works part-time as an adjunct professor specializing in media production, with his most recent stint teaching Television Production and Digital News Production at Our Lady of the Lake University.