Whatever Floats Your Boat: A Look Back at the Texas Cavaliers River Parade

Photos by B Kay Richter - Contributing Photographer- SA Sentinel.

April 22, 2019 - Riverwalk (Downtown SA)

Article By: Jonathan Guajardo - Editor, SA Sentinel

One of San Antonio’s most beloved traditions, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, took place Monday night. Brightly colored floats meandered down the viridescent waters of the San Antonio River. Passing by local attractions, hotels and restaurants, the event drew thousands of San Antonians out to celebrate the start of Fiesta. The theme of this year’s parade was, “It’s Showtime in San Antonio” and the grand marshal was Luke “Leon” Coffee, SA Rodeo icon.

Started in 1989, this river parade (like Fiesta itself) is a “Party with a Purpose.” As stated on the Texas Cavaliers website, “This colorful and vibrant parade not only lights up the streets during Fiesta, it also lights up a child’s face.”

As one of the city’s most well-known charitable organizations, the Texas Cavaliers has always made a point of giving back to the community. According to the Fiesta website, the organization consists “of over 600 business, civic and community leaders seeking to give back to the community and support those in need.” It also describes how “the Cavaliers support local children, First Responder, and Military charities at the annual River parade where honorees and their families are fed and view the parade from special seating to recognize their contributions to the community.”