Nirenberg Targets Brockhouse Supporters in Block-Walking Strategy

Photos from resident video doorbell.

Photos from resident video doorbell.

May 26, 2019 - Monte Vista, San Antonio

Article By: Sentinel Staff

While the mayoral race rages on, candidates are vying to round up as many votes as possible in the days leading up to the June 8th runoff election. Some take their promotions online, posting Facebook Live videos and running political ads, while others hit the streets, block-walking and meeting with constituents in public and private settings. According to some Monte Vista residents, Mayor Nirenberg has been taking a rather unique approach to campaigning in their neighborhood which involves walking up to residences with his opponent’s signs out front and attempting to sway them into voting for his campaign.

“He said that he knows we probably made up our minds, but (asked) if we had any questions for him that he could answer at that time that would help change our mind,” described a resident at San Pedro and Magnolia. Despite her residence having a Brockhouse campaign sign displayed prominently in front of her house, she said the Mayor continued to try to solicit her support. She reportedly told Nirenberg that Brockhouse has her support in the Runoff Election due to his continued backing of the police department. “I said no, but thank you,” continued the Monte Vista resident. “He went on to say something else about him putting so many police officers on the streets and making more jobs here in San Antonio and asked if he could leave a flyer with me.”

May 6, 2017 Regular Election Results

May 4, 2019 Regular Election Results

Although block-walking isn’t an uncommon occurrence in any election-cycle, it is interesting to observe a sitting mayor approach the homes of his opponent’s supporters to try to change their vote this close to a runoff election. Despite Nirenberg having a 3.09% lead (3,151 votes) over Brockhouse in the initial election, this incident clearly illustrates how close this election really is. After all, the last time there was a runoff, the sitting mayor, Ivy Taylor, held a 4.93% (4,901 votes) lead over then challenger, Ron Nirenberg, but still was defeated in the runoff by a 6.29% margin of 9,091 votes.