Cover Stories Podcast Explores SA Music Scene

Artwork by Andrew Flores

Artwork by Andrew Flores

August 20, 2019 - San Antonio

Article By: Luis Vazquez - Managing Editor, SA Sentinel

The beauty of podcasting for so many people is the freedom that comes with it. The freedom to engage in topics you love and sharing them with people that love them as well. Such is the case with Cover Stories, a new podcast that introduces you to a new band every episode, having them perform a cover of a song that is significant to the band or its members. Aside from the performances you get a great interview that focuses squarely on music, and the band talks more intimately about their influences and music careers.

Host Erik Casarez, a seasoned concert-goer and reviewer, teamed up with Zach Cavender and Brian Menard of Sticker Fridge Studios, a group of innovative San Antonio talents you might recognize from a wide range of film and podcasts including the popular “Domcast”. The idea for Cover Stories came up when Erik was hanging out with Zach and Brian at Bar 1919. According to Erik, “I drunkenly told them I wanted to start a music podcast, Then I told them how much I loved The AV Club’s A.V. Undercover series where they invite bands to play covers from a fan-made list.”  Erik took that idea and tweaked it to have the bands play their own self-selected cover. The team turned to San Antonio artist Andrew Flores for their promotional artwork.

In addition to the audio, the Cover Stories team is filming every performance and will be making these available to subscribers through a Patreon account that they will be making available at a later date.

The first episode features Ocatavio Gonzalez and James Guerra of the local outfit, Fader Friend. The band performs their unique take on the Gin Blossoms classic, “Found Out About You”

The show is available on popular podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts and you can get regular updates from the show from their Instagram