All-Female Comedy Group to Perform at The Blind Tiger

From left to right: Annegret Steioff, Mary Becquet, and Suwon Weaver. (Courtesy Photos)

August 16, 2019 - San Antonio

Article By: Jade Esteban Estrada - Writer, SA Sentinel

Comedian Mary Becquet will return to the city that launched her stand-up comedy career with the all-female Hot Medusa Comedy Show on August 16 at The Blind Tiger Comedy Club.  

Becquet, a former CPA, got started in stand-up by writing jokes about her boss in the margins of her accounting work papers. In 2010, after attending an open mic with only a handful of solid jokes, her schtick slowly blossomed into a full comedy set. Seven years later, her day job transferred her to Los Angeles. She quickly learned that being in the heart of Tinseltown gave her the golden opportunity to meet and work with equally enterprising joke-tellers. This led her on a path to connect with her Hot Medusa co-stars, Annegret Steioff and Suwon Weaver. 

Weaver is a comedian and actress who grew up in Los Angeles. Stieoff hails from Frankfurt, Germany.

The Blind Tiger show is part of a first-time regional Texas tour that includes McAllen and San Angelo. 

Though these Charlie's Angels of comedy come from vastly different backgrounds, their shared experience of being a woman in a male-dominated comedy world has given their mission a boost in the wake of the #MeToo movement. In the United States, less than ten percent of comedy headliners are women, so an innate community within the comedy world is something most female comics share. 

The Hot Medusa Comedy tour is a spin-off of a monthly show based at the LA Connection Theatre, which is produced by Stieoff. The show also aims to provide opportunities for women of color, trans women, and anyone who identifies as female and LGBTQ.

"It’s really special to be back here in San Antonio because it’s home to me," says Becquet. "San Antonio is evolving as a comedy town and I’m thrilled to still be part of that in some small way."

Indeed, this town does seem hungry for comedy. 

The San Antonio show just sold out. 

What to know if you go:

  • The Hot Medusa Comedy Show

  • 8:00 p.m. 

  • Friday, August 16, 2019

  • Blind Tiger Comedy Club

  • 902 NE Interstate Loop 410

  • San Antonio, Texas 78209

  • General admission: $10

  • Note: This show is sold out 

  • Starring: Mary Becquet, Annegret Steioff and Suwon Weaver

  • Special guests: Kelly Stone, Irma Linda Ruiz, Tori Pool (feature) and Kim Kerley (headliner)